New Patient Registration

Registering to be a patient at our practice is very simple and only requires you to complete a single form. You can ask for this form (known as a GMS1 form) from reception or you can download a copy from the link at the bottom of this page.

You will need the details of your current GP practice so we can obtain your medical records. The form will ask you for your NHS number but this is not essential.

Once you have registered, we may ask patients who aren’t housebound to attend for a New Patient Health Check. This is an important part of the registration process and helps us ensure that we are providing the correct levels of care for any conditions you may have.

You are able to register at the practice even if you aren’t close by, though please note that this could affect your ability to have a home visit should the need to have one arise. Our reception team will be able to inform you if you are outside of the catchment area for home visits.